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Farmhouse Deli

Douglas, Michigan

They are proud to feature Michigan cheeses, cured, roasted and smoked meats (some done in house) and a wide variety of soups and salads featuring fruits, vegetables and grains prepared in a vibrantly healthy manner.

They offer a selection of your favorite ingredients packaged for home use, including olive oils, pastas, grains, tomatoes and more..

The Southerner

Saugatuck, Michigan

In the 1950’s many Appalachian families moved to Michigan seeking work in the auto industry. It’s a familiar story to many people with roots in the American South, and we strive to tell part of this story through our meals.

Cooking is a serious business in the South and the traditional flavor resides within the relocated sons and daughters that now call Michigan home. The Southerner hopes to keep that tradition alive for generations to come.

Old Nation Brewery

Williamston, Michigan

Craft beer aficionados, hop heads, beer geeks and beer nerds. Those are our people.  They talk about beer, how much they like it and how they’d love to open a brewery one day, now that the craft beer market is “hot”.  We like these people and we respect every one of them.

But Old Nation was built by a different kind of “beer nerd”.

It was built by 2 university educated brewers, each with over 14 years of experience professionally brewing craft beer at breweries big and small, all over the northern hemisphere.

Maple Row Sugar House

Jones, Michigan

Their maple adventure began in 2011. They made 5 gallons of maple syrup from tapping four large maple trees in the front yard.

In 2012 they purchased a little evaporator and sold it shortly thereafter because they soon realized the potential of over 100 taps in their neighborhood. They purchased a 2 x 6 evaporator and with a little over 200 taps made 70 gallons of syrup.


In 2013 they purchase a 2 x 8 evaporator, had 800 taps and made 400 gallons of syrup.

Mindo Chocolate

Dexter, Michigan

They make honest and pure bean to bar chocolate. Using only the highest quality ingredients, sourced directly from family farms that meet their exceptionally high production standards. Their goal is to support local economies, celebrate cultural traditions, and preserve the biodiversity of Ecuador’s Cloud Forest. All while minimizing the environmental impact through sustainable production practices. And of course, to bring you the most delicious chocolate experience possible.

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